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How to interest a woman in chatting – you need to understand that it is impossible to interest all women. The Trick ? Read More !

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For a start, you need to understand that it is impossible to interest all women in a row, or in any case. There will be those who ignore you. Don’t even bother. Pay attention only to those who show interest in you.

All women are unique in their own way. What works for one may not work for another.

Here are the essential tips to help you get women interested in you.

1. The ability to engage in conversation

All women love eloquent and competent speech. Eloquence speaks of literacy and education.

Illiterate messages often reject all interest. You need to take care of spelling!

Before you ask about an acquaintance, make a compliment. Ask her how her day is going and how her mood is to get to know each other.

Speak on such topics in which the woman is interested. To do it, you need to know what her interests are, what kind of hobby she has, and how she likes to spend her time. Learn about her without asking too many questions at once. Otherwise, she would feel like being interrogated.

2. Compliments

A woman blooms when she hears a proper compliment. Choosing the right words is crucial. Don’t write it to her that she is the woman of your dreams. It reduces your chances to zero. Women question how you can write such when you don’t know her, and you have never seen her in real life.

Don’t say compliments to please her. It won’t work because women feel falsehood. Falsehood leads to off-putting.

The best compliment is the one in which every word is true.

Express feelings in your own words, without templates!

3. Lifestyle

If you have an exciting life, the woman will always be interested in being with you and having fun. Tell her how you lead an active lifestyle. Focus on real life, your hobbies, and what inspires you.

Share her funny stories from your life. Find common themes. It will interest a woman you have a lot in common. Show her you are not sitting in the same place, that you are developing, and she will never feel bored with you.

4. Sense of humor

If you have humor, you already almost know how to attract a woman. (Or maybe you know it already, but you also like reading our newsletters.)

The ability to make her laugh is an essential quality for a woman. Your communication must be present of optimism and humor. However, it should be witty and subtle. It should never be rude or too vulgar.

A man’s sense of humor inspires confidence in women. It suggests the presence of an easy character and the absence of boredom. A positive man is attractive. The time spent with him feels excellent.

5. Further development

If you like a woman, and you enjoy communicating with her, then ask her phone number, and offer to meet. Make it clear you are interested in more than the virtual communication. Instead of lingering long in a correspondence that tires her, be a man of action. Otherwise, somebody will be faster than you.

Tell her that you’re interested in her voice. Tell her that you prefer the live communication to the messages, and the dating site is only an excellent opportunity to find your second half with whom you are aiming at a relationship.


The first correspondence is a crucial point at which it’s necessary to interest the woman if you want to count on subsequent communication. Here is the most essential advice. If you remember only one tip, remember this: your first message should evoke a desire in her to answer. As simple it sounds as important it is to keep it in your mind when you write.

Good luck !  you will need it 🙂

more tips go to  or join the blog on 

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