A student of Akwa Ibom State University (AKSU), Ikot Akpaden, has been suspended “indefinitely” from the school for allegedly calling the university vice chancellor ‘foolish’ on Facebook.A student of Akwa Ibom State University (AKSU), Ikot Akpaden,

The student, Joy Nkanang, was in her second year in the department of performing arts before her suspension on May 9.

Ms Nkanang, from Akwa Ibom State, on May 5 made the following post on Facebook: “AKSU what is happening? A dry cleaners shop was robbed last night along college road….”

Ms Nkanang’s Facebook post, was about the increase in cult activities and insecurity around the university campus.

The post attracted some comments, including one Facebook user calling for a protest against insecurity in the university.

“No…. we don’t want to spoil the schools image…. foolish vc,” Ms Nkanang wrote on the social media site, in response to the call for protest.

The university’s attention was drawn to her “foolish vc” comment which the authority, in the suspension letter, described as “gross misconduct” and a “breach of matriculation oath”.

Ms Nkanang would remain suspended from studies and barred from entering the campus until the conclusion of investigation on her case, the university said.

The suspension letter, signed by the school registrar, John Udo, said Ms Nkanang admitted before a meeting with university officials that she did call the vice chancellor foolish.

But a source who witnessed the meeting proceedings said the student was not allowed to make any comment when she appeared before the officials.

“They just asked her where she’s from in Akwa Ibom and who her father is.

A student of Akwa Ibom State University (AKSU), Ikot Akpaden, “At the end of the meeting, they told her she is dismissed from school. She knelt down and begged, but nobody listened to her,” the source said.

Ms Nkanang declined comment when PREMIUM TIMES contacted her, Friday evening.

Akaninyene Ibanga, the spokesperson of the Akwa Ibom State University, told PREMIUM TIMES, Friday evening, Ms Nkanang may be recalled or expelled from the university when the case is “determined”.

Mr Ibanga said the suspended student is yet to be invited to appear before a disciplinary committee of the school

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The vulture and the little girl, also known as “The Struggling Girl”, is a photograph by Kevin Carter which first appeared in The New York Times on 26 March 1993. It is a photograph of a frail famine-stricken boy, initially believed to be a girl, who had collapsed in the foreground with a vulture eyeing him from nearby. The child was reported to be attempting to reach a United Nations feeding center about a half mile away in Ayod, Sudan,(now South Sudan), in March 1993. The picture won the Pulitzer Prize for Feature Photography award in 1994. Carter died by suicide four months after winning the prize.

”The next day their light aircraft touched down in the tiny hamlet of Ayod with the cargo aircraft landing shortly afterwards. Marinovich wrote that the villagers were already waiting next to the runway to get the food as quickly as possible: “Mothers who had joined the throng waiting for food left their children on the sandy ground nearby.”[8] Silva and Carter separated to take pictures of both children and adults, both the living and dead, all victims of the catastrophic famine that had arisen through the war. Carter went several times to Silva to tell him about the shocking situation he had just photographed. Witnessing the famine affected him emotionally. Silva was searching for rebel soldiers who could take him to someone in authority and when he found some soldiers Carter joined him. The soldiers did not speak English, but one was interested in Carter’s watch. Carter gave him his cheap wristwatch as a gift.[9] The soldiers became their bodyguards and followed them for their protection.[10][11]

To stay a week with the rebels they needed the permission of a rebel commander. Their plane was due to depart in an hour and without the permission to stay they would be forced to fly out. Again they separated and Silva went to the clinic complex to ask for the rebel commander and he was told the commander was in Kongor, South Sudan. This was for Silva good news as, “their little UN plane was heading there next”. He left the clinic and went back to the runway, taking on his way pictures of children and people. He came across a child lying on his face in the hot sun – he took a picture.[12]

Carter saw Silva on the runway and told him, “You won’t believe what I’ve just shot! … I was shooting this kid on her knees, and then changed my angle, and suddenly there was this vulture right behind her! … And I just kept shooting – shot lots of film![12] Silva asked him where he shot the picture and was looking around to take a photo as well. Carter pointed to a place 50 m (160 ft) away. Then Carter told him that he had chased the vulture away. He told Silva he was shocked by the situation he had just photographed, saying, “I see all this, and all I can think of is Megan”, his young daughter. A few minutes later they left Ayod for Kongor.[13]

In 2011, the child’s father revealed the child was actually a boy, Kong Nyong, and had been taken care of by the UN food aid station. Nyong had died four years prior, c. 2007, of “fevers”, according to his family.[14]

Publication and public reaction

In March 1993, The New York Times was seeking an image to illustrate a story by Donatella Lorch about the Sudan. Nancy Buirski, the newspaper’s picture editor on the foreign desk, called Marinovich, who told her about “an image of a vulture stalking a starving child who had collapsed in the sand.” Carter’s photo was published in the March 26, 1993 edition.[15] The caption read: “A little girl, weakened from hunger, collapsed recently along the trail to a feeding center in Ayod. Nearby, a vulture waited.”.[2]

This first publication in The New York Times “caused a sensation”, Marinovich wrote, adding, “It was being used in posters for raising funds for aid organization. Papers and magazines around the world had published it, and the immediate public reaction was to send money to any humanitarian organization that had an operation in Sudan.”[16]

Special editorial

Due to the public reaction and questions about the girl’s condition, The New York Times published a special editorial in its 30 March 1993 edition, in which the editor said, in part, “A picture last Friday with an article about the Sudan showed a little Sudanese girl who had collapsed from hunger on the trail to a feeding center in Ayod. A vulture lurked behind her. Many readers have asked about the fate of the girl


Four months after being awarded the Pulitzer Prize for Feature Photography, Carter died of suicide by carbon monoxide poisoning on July 27, 1994, at age 33.[21][22] Desmond Tutu, Archbishop Emeritus of Cape Town, South Africa, wrote of Carter, “And we know a little about the cost of being traumatized that drove some to suicide, that, yes, these people were human beings operating under the most demanding of conditions

How the Vulture and the Little Girl Ultimately led to the Death of Kevin Carter

When this photograph capturing the suffering of the Sudanese famine was published in the New York Times on March 26, 1993, the reader reaction was intense and not all positive. Some people said that Kevin Carter, the photojournalist who took this photo, was inhumane, that he should have dropped his camera to run to the little girl’s aid. The controversy only grew when, a few months later, he won the Pulitzer Prize for the photo. By the end of July, 1994, he was dead.

Emotional detachment allowed Carter and other photojournalists to witness countless tragedies and continue the job. The world’s intense reactions to the vulture photo appeared to be punishment for this necessary trait. Later, it became painfully clear that he hadn’t been detached at all. He had been deeply, fatally affected by the horrors he had witnessed.

Carter grew up in South Africa during apartheid. He became a photojournalist because he felt he needed to document the sickening treatment not only of blacks by whites, but between black ethnic groups as well, like those between Xhosas and Zulus.

Joining ranks with only a few other photojournalists, Carter would step right into the action to get the best shot. A South African newspaper nicknamed the group the Bang-Bang Club. At that time, photographers used the term “bang-bang” to refer to the act of going out to the South African townships to cover the extreme violence happening there.

In a few short years, he saw countless murders from beatings, stabbings, gunshots, and necklacing, a barbaric practice in which a tire filled with oil is placed around the victim’s neck and lit on fire.


Carter took a special assignment in Sudan, where he shot the famous vulture photo. He spent a few days touring villages full of starving people. All the while, he was surrounded by armed Sudanese soldiers who were there to keep him from interfering. The photos below are evidence that even if he decided to help the little girl, the soldiers wouldn’t have allowed it. The first was shot by Carter himself.

After receiving a number of phone calls and letters from readers who wanted to know what happened to the little girl, the New York Times took a rare step and published an editor’s note describing what they knew of the situation. “The photographer reports that she recovered enough to resume her trek after the vulture was chased away. It is not known whether she reached the [feeding] center.”

other horrific photos of the war in ‘sudan’

Most of us have trouble comprehending how Carter and the rest of the Bang-Bang Club did this kind of work day after day. But it turns out that it took its toll on them, and in Carter’s case, fatally so. Carter’s daily ritual included cocaine and other drug use, which would help him cope with his occupation’s horrors. He often confided in his friend Judith Matloff, a war correspondent. She said he would “talk about the guilt of the people he couldn’t save because he photographed them as they were being killed.” It was beginning to trigger a spiral into depression. Another friend, Reedwaan Vally, says, “You could see it happening. You could see Kevin sink into a dark fugue.”

And then his best friend and fellow Bang-Bang Club member, Ken Oosterbroek, was shot and killed while on location. Carter felt it should have been him, but he wasn’t there with the group that day because he was being interviewed about winning the Pulitzer. That same month, Nelson Mandela became president of South Africa.

Carter had focused his life on exposing the evils of apartheid and now — in a way — it was over. He didn’t know what to do with his life. On top of that, he felt a need to live up to the Pulitzer he’d won. Soon after, in the fog of his depression, he made a terrible mistake. On assignment for Time magazine, he traveled to Mozambique. On the return flight, he left all his film–about 16 rolls he had shot there–on the plane. It was never recovered. For Carter, this was the last straw. Less than a week later, he was dead. He drove to a park, ran a hose from the exhaust pipe into his car, and died of carbon monoxide poisoning.

Yes, winning the Pulitzer Prize put pressure on him, but it didn’t lead directly to his death. Rather, it only added to the pile of stress and guilt he had accumulated while documenting some of the most gruesome corners of the world. But thanks to his brain-searingly memorable photo, the famine in Sudan became internationally known. Carter left an indelible mark on the planet’s consciousness.


the story with facts


GHANA: Prophet Bishop Daniel Angel Obinim pulls shocker with woman live in church

Surely performing a miracle for a woman to get a husband is not an easy job, the Founder of International God’s Way Church, Bishop Daniel Obinim had to sleep with his female congregant on a sofa while other congregants cheered with excitement.

A video of the church leader known as Angel Bishop Obinim performing the get your husband miracle has gone viral on social media.

The video begins with Obinim calling the woman in front of the whole congregation to sleep on a sofa. He then climbs the sofa and sleeps beside her holding her in a romantic position.

The woman starts kissing the Pastor’s hand and Obinim begins to pray.

A hero dog saved a newborn baby after finding him in a field where his teenage mother had buried him alive

The six-year-old pooch named Ping Pong was seen scratching at earth alongside a farmer’s field in Korat, north eastern Thailand, on Wednesday morning.

Ping Pong’s owner Usa Nisaika, 41, went over to look and noticed the infant’s tiny leg poking up from the earth.

Usa frantically dug up the 5lbs 2oz baby and rushed him to hospital where he was found not to have suffered any serious injuries.

The infant has been deemed healthy and police have arrested his 15-year-old mother on suspicion of attempted murder.


Usa said his dog – which only has three working legs having been hit by a car when he was younger – was a “hero”.

He said: “I have had Ping Pong since he was born and he has always been very loyal and obedient.

“When he was younger a car hit him and his back leg was injured. He cannot use it but he still helps me when I’m herding cows.

“Everybody in the village is amazed by what he has done now. He is a hero because he saved the life of the baby.”

Police began investigating and interviewed local residents.

None of them knew any pregnant women in the area but a shopkeeper said that a teenage girl had recently bought an unusually large amount of sanitary towels.

The teenager was arrested yesterday and admitted giving birth to the baby boy.

She told police that she buried him to try to hide the birth, because she was afraid that her parents would be angry.

Officers have now kept the baby under supervision in hospital, but the girl’s parents have offered to take care of the infant.

Nakhon Ratchasima governor Wichian Chantharanothai and Trairat Witthayanumart, the chief of the Chumpuang district, said they have visited the infant in hospital and he is healthy.

Governor Wichian said: “The baby is recovering and he is healthy. His weight when he was born was 2.4kg.

“The parent of the mother have offered to take care of the baby when he leaves hospital but that has not been agreed yet.

Police interviewed the teenager mother on suspicion of attempted murder but they are waiting for for her to be assessed for her mental health.

Governor Wichian added: “Police officers are preparing to prosecute the mother but she is also a child and we must consider her mind and be professional. It is important that she is nurtured and treated fairly.”


BAAN KLANG, Thailand — The dogeating community here, a small minority of rice farmers and day laborers, has long understood that its culinary habits do not sit well with people from other parts of Thailand, especially the pet-loving urban middle and upper classes.Nov 1, 2014

yuck yuck yuck 

It’s a red meat, quite fatty, and extremely fragrant. Take a cross between beef and mutton, add extra meaty flavoring, and you’ve got the taste of dog. … It was sotasty and delicious that if it wasn’t for the “psychological thought of eating dog”, everyone would probably love it
But, according to the testimony of people who have actually eaten other people, thetaste of human meat does not reflect its beef-like appearance. Both serial killers and Polynesian cannibals have described human as being most akin to pork.

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Veins are kite strings we can only cut free —Andrea Gibson ……………………………………………………….


I thought I would never write this story.


I’m trying.


“Sir, when was the last time you thought of killing yourself?”


“Do you want to talk about it?”

“Can we reschedule?”


Today I came home with a belly drenched in litres of petrol I forced down my throat. This story will never end, but it does have a beginning.


My depression eats me patiently and washes me down with the sound of the silence in my bedroom. This is how I learn that when you stretch your body to occupy spaces, it weaves itself into a form of its own, another excuse to feel smaller each time you climb into your bed.


On the bus, the woman next to me didn’t seem to notice I probably wouldn’t be alive in the next thirty minutes. I thought when you want to kill yourself, you will be visibly marked. Everyone would notice. The driver waved me into his bus, after asking me my location, as if the petrol sitting in my stomach wasn’t enough to fuel his car all the way to the nearest cemetery.

I didn’t tell him. Instead, I asked him to stop me at the Catholic Cathedral, I should find a therapist there. I thought he would see the sign. He is marked, the sign should say. Nobody saw it. I was dizzy and everything was becoming fuzzy. How could they not see that? God should have sent somebody. He/she/they should have stopped me. What kind of god lets a human-time-bomb, forged in litres of petrol, liquid fire, to walk into a bus and sit next to a woman thinking of dinner?


“Breathe. Breathe. I hope the couch is comfortable?”

“Should I turn off the air conditioner?”

“Why did you want to kill yourself?”

“Can you hear me, Sir?”


The church is the earliest memory I have of my childhood. Mum made us go to all the bible study sessions in the children’s ministry. In Wukari, Taraba state, where I grew up, the children’s ministry was much organised. There were series of classes that you had to pass through and they actually took exams.

I don’t remember anything from those classes. Sunday school. Evening bible study. Monday classes. None. Maybe I was just too young.

I remember the black fruit we plucked after services. My elder sister and my cousin. I don’t remember how we are related. I remember the pimples on my cousin’s face and how I stared at them whenever she bent to pick out fruits. They always seemed to be rotten by the time they fell. All I remember about my sister is the cheerful-coloured gowns she wore, with a hat to match each one. It was 2003 or so and I don’t know how old I was. I wasn’t up to six years old. I remember it in showers. Light showers.


“Would you say that your childhood was pleasant?”

“Why are you smiling? So it was pleasant then?”



Growing up, I was taught how to laugh in-between the lines, in monosyllables that come off neat and harmless. Nobody taught me how to envy my skin or write love letters to myself or peace. I learnt everything I was taught I had to or I wouldn’t move to the next class


I don’t remember saying much. In church, at home. I say a little at school. I just remember being at those places. Not a single sentence. I was everywhere I was supposed to be, rather, my mum thought I was supposed to be, without leaving a trace. After the children’s Sunday services, we had to wait for the adults to dismiss. That is the only memory I have of the church. It was like floating in and out of places.

Children running around, climbing cashew trees, picking rotten mangoes, tasting them, spitting them out, crying, letting themselves be consoled, wiping the tears, starting all over again. It was all like a silent movie to me. Only, I was in the cast. I ran, cried, did everything and never said anything. I wasn’t a quiet boy, I was just mute.


“Any memories you might want to share with me?”

“Are you happy, Sir?”

“Let me help you?”


Onyinye. She was much older than I was, but she still, somehow, winded up beside me the whole time. We were together the way an ocean clings to a sinking ship. Once, she suggested we played father and mother, and then chose to be father. I remember her lying on the pew, where bibles were dropped in the children session, smiling down at me. Me: an abandoned child in a war zone, lying on the seat of the same pew, staring at this girl, who seemed to be just happy, lying there, saying nothing. I remember my ‘cousin’ calling to take me home.

I don’t remember saying goodbye.


You know, moths have no choice than to flirt with flames. When the flames bite their wings, they call it exercise and apply first aid. It’s their destiny.


The first time I ever thought of killing myself was in Nsukka.

I wanted pass any sharp thing through my body.

Dad stayed in Nsukka, Enugu state, alone. Whenever he visited, he would bring bread — even though mum sold bread at our store — and most importantly, avocados. Those were scarce in the north. Bread and avocado was his favourite too. At that time, one of them was sold for #50. My mother couldn’t sell avocados in our shop because our neighbour already did. The northerners didn’t ask for it anyway. Our shop was the first in a row of shops owned by Igbo people. Selling avocado would have been a waste of money. Only the Igbos who lived in our street, Akata Street, bought them and every other shop in that row sold it.

I remembered my dad for avocados and hard luck.

Each time he came, something bad happened to me. One night, my elder sister urinated in my bathing water and my mum made me use it. My sister had beaten me while we were alone at home. I don’t really know why she did that. I managed to run the few blocks it took to reach the shop. I cried so hard that my father got me a bottle of Sprite, and handed me some slices of bread. At night, my sister struck. My mother didn’t believe me. Maybe, she felt I was just being mischievous, and made me bathe with the water. I remember crying. I remember the water and my sister’s urine washing the tears in joint mockery. Something bad happens whenever my father comes back, but I still wanted him to. Avocados.

No one asked if I wanted to move or not.

Perhaps I was just too young.

I don’t even remember packing my bags. But I remember the journey. I was sitting on my father’s lap in the seat closest to the window. We: my mom, sister, cousin and I used to visit my dad in Nsukka from time to time, but that was all it was, visits. I had already made home out of a strange land. My sister would have slapped me if she heard me call Wukari my home. This time, I was supposed to stay in Nsukka for a longer time. Maybe forever. I’m not sure how I felt about that. I hummed the few Hausa songs I learnt till I got tired.

And then forgot, all of them.


Memories are lonely horse riders. They never stay too long in a new town. They are always on the road. I’m learning to love them without getting committed.


When I held the knife in our bedroom in Nsukka, I was standing next to the red cupboard that had cracked glasses. My father kept a couple of fancy ceramics we never used there, right next to the kitchen knife.

It was on a Sunday morning.

I had chicken pox and my dad rubbed a white lotion all over my body.

Onyinye could be playing in a church, thousands of miles away. She could still be lying on that pew, saying nothing, smiling down at a different boy this time.

Maybe, I was the sinking ship the ocean was trying to hold on to.

When I forgot the Hausa songs we sang on the playground, I forgot faces too. I no longer remembered what she looked like. The only recurrent memory I had of her was a Gif file: a girl lying on a church pew, and a boy staring at her. Blankly. Not knowing what it means for a girl that age to climb a pew for him.

The blade was sharp. I had watched my dad cut onions and peel avocadoes with it. I pointed it to my stomach in one slow movement and watched the tip flirt with my shirt buttons. I felt that if I died, all the people in the children’s ministry would have to attend. I didn’t win all those bible quizzes for nothing. All the teachers knew me. I had even seen the coordinator several times, talking to my mother after services. Onyinye would come. Everyone would come.

I couldn’t get through with it each time. I always let the knife dance around my shirt for a while before I put it back.

I repeated it every day. I can’t remember when I stopped trying, but I remember not telling anyone, including myself. That was the first time.


“Son, why then did you come all this way to this place if you will not speak to me?”

“Please say something, you have been mute since you asked for a reschedule?”

“Are you sure you don’t need a priest instead, because I’m just a therapist?”

“Ok, let’s reschedule. Thanks for coming”

(Door closes)


I give my body options and it always chooses to baptize itself in seas because they say salt are water made flesh. But the salt my body chooses is an abusive lover who changes its taste so when I look in the mirror I tell myself that I need a new one and the only way to wear a new body is to die and when I say I die every day, it’s not a decision, it’s just my nature


I‘m marked. The man in charge of the universe shouldn’t let living ghosts like me roam his planet. There was no reason for drinking the petrol. The only difference between today and the days I stood next to the red cupboard, knife in hand, is that I’m twenty. I am a final year student of a university in Nigeria, who is more interested in finding more ways to end his life, than actually living it.

When I woke up this morning, I didn’t know I would try to end my life again. A rainbow can never wash off his colours. He will never be clean. I just walked into a filling station and asked for two litres of petrol. The attendant looked at me like I just walked out of the sky. I got the point and crossed the road to buy two nylons. She glanced furtively at me as the nozzle spat fuel. She was handing me my funeral clothes. Inadvertently.

No one could see the mark.

Every time I walk out of my bedroom I am aware that I’m an unforgiveable sin. People like me shouldn’t be allowed to walk free with all the monsters our depression carves into our brains. The attendant watched a sin walk free and did nothing about it. My mother, well, she will certainly cry.

My sister never cries.

She might just knit silently for two months till the grief slips through her needle. My father would just grunt for a week and go back to peeling avocadoes, with the same kitchen knife that flirted with my shirt buttons.

My memory will never stick.

I pity the therapists I have visited over the years. I never spoke to any of them. A moth will always dance to flames. I tried petrol because kerosene didn’t work out the last time. I threw up in my bedroom and the whole plan was gone. I was in second year then. Death is a safe pair of hands whispering my name, and I draw closer every day. A mere therapist’s questions can’t make me betray his trust.

No bride leaves death at the altar.

At twenty, there is not much difference between now, and the night my sister peed in my bathing water. I’m still the boy who doesn’t know how to shout at bullies. Who still falls for every girl in the playground (she doesn’t even have to lie on a pew). Who still floats into spaces without occupying them. Who leaves no traces. Who is mute. My bed feels smaller each time I lie on it. The boy never grew up.

Life still pees in every bucket of water I use. My bathroom walls look on helplessly as the liquid mockery trickles into my mouth. My bathing water is always warm.

Why can’t anyone see my mark? I never belonged here. I’m still too young to understand anything. The boy that watched a kitchen knife flirt with his buttons and said nothing still lives here. For some reason, the knife has not stopped flirting with me.

We are in a long term relationship now.

I lie on the bed and let the rumble in my stomach continue. This is going to be the last attempt. This will be a long night. It has been an hour since I left the therapist’s office, and I’m spoon-feeding this story to my journal. No one holds my pain more than he does. When I fall asleep, I’m never going to wake up again.

I am ready to dream myself into a shiny casket.

This is the longest story I have ever written.

Goodnight therapist, filling station attendant, driver, woman on the bus, sister, cousin, mum, dad, Onyinye. I forgive you. I’m the sin here. I’m unforgiveable.


I wake up. Again


The author, a final year (first class) student of UNN committed suicide on May 13, 2019.

From December 2009, the Nigerian Federal Government under President Goodluck Jonathan began the building of Model Tsangaya/Almajiri schools across Nigeria as an integral part of the Almajiri Education Programme. This was with a view to helping mainstream the Almajiri system in basic education. In this post, we present you the list of the schools constructed by the government while giving a background to their existence too.


“Almajiri” is a Hausa word derived from the Arabic word “Almuhajirun”, meaning migrants. In Northern Nigeria, it refers to persons who travel far from home in search of Islamic knowledge. Tsangaya, on the other hand, refers to “open learning centre” from Hausa. Both words are alternatively used today in various circles to mean the latter.

The Almajiri are predominantly found in Northern Nigeria with a considerable population in the Southwest of the country too. Almajiri schools are also called Makarantun Allo (slate school), Tsangaya (Learning centre) and Ile-kewu (Arabic school in Yoruba) depending on the context of the usage. They are also in forms of Islamiyyah and Tahfeez (Qur’anic memorisation) schools today.

The Tsangaya/Almajiri system of education is as old as Islam in Nigeria dating back to over a millennium ago, according scholars. Prominent education professor, Babatunde Fafunwa even wrote in his book, “History of Education in Nigeria” that when the British colonialists arrived in the country, they met over 25,000 Islamic schools in Northern Nigeria.

Back then, Arabic language and literacy, which is rendered with the Ajami script facilitated literacy in many of Africa’s languages such as Hausa, Swahili, and Kanuri. Relics of the Ajami script is found on some of Nigeria’s higher denominations till today. Students could thus read and write using that script before the introduction on Western education.

In the precolonial times, the Almajiri and their teachers (called Mallams) benefitted from both governmental and communal support as the teaching and learning took place. While the Emirs would give grants to Tsangaya schools, communities would welcome and host the Almajiri from time to time.

But this would later change with the British invasion of Northern Nigeria. The Tsangaya schools stopped enjoying government support just as students in them were not regarded as educated. The system was totally downgraded as graduates from it could not use their qualifications to seek government jobs even as skill acquisition was an integral part of the Tsangaya schooling system. Without government support, the students turned to begging and doing menial jobs to survive.

Several efforts had gone on in the post-colonial era towards according the Almajiri some sort of regard especially by communities and state governments. Among such were the establishment of the Northern Board of Arabic and Islamic Studies (NBAIS) in the sixties, the establishment of Islamiyyah schools where Islamic and Qur’anic knowledge were taught from the eighties to the recognition, and the equalization of certificates earned through Tsangaya school system with that of university graduates.

Even after all these, products of the traditional Tsangaya schools did not get recognized as educated in their own rights at the national level. This is evident in the categorization of students produced through the system as “illiterates” continues today.

The Federal government regards the over 9 million Almajiris in Nigeria as out-of-school-children since many of them had acquired little or no Western education up to completing primary school education. Thus, it put up measures to ensure that products of the system were given Western education. This led to the construction of Tsangaya/Almajiri Model schools in various parts of the country as part of attaining the purpose of Universal Basic Education.

The Compulsory, Free Universal Basic Education Act of 2004 is the legal framework for basic education in Nigeria. This law, which sought to make basic education free and compulsory for Nigerians, defines basic education as the six years of primary school and three years of junior secondary school education. States and local governments were to be the ones in control of basic education while the federal government provide intervention in terms of counterpart grants and funding.

Through the Act, agencies were also established to play the roles on behalf of the governments. The Universal Basic Education Commission (UBEC) is the federal agency providing the intervention while each of the states and local governments have the State Universal Basic Education Board (SUBEB) and the Local Government Education Authority (LGEA) respectively.

After the construction of the schools through UBEC, the Federal Government handed them over to their host states through the SUBEBs. A list of the schools  got from UBEC shows that there are 157 Almajiri Model Schools altogether with most concentrated mainly in the Northeast and the Northwest of the country. The government had three models of its construction of the schools, which are discussed below.

Entrance of the Almajiri Model Boarding School, Gagi, Sokoto State

Models of Tsangaya (Almajiri) Model Schools and their facilities

The Federal Government considered three models of its construction and equipment of the Almajiri schools, namely Model I, Model II and Model III. Each model of the Almajiri Education Programme has varying degree of support and interventions. They are the Model I, Model II and Model III.

Model I schools involve the integration of traditional Qur’anic school within its original location. There are 101 Model I schools in the country. Statutory facilities provided are a block of two classrooms and furniture, an administrative block including Office, Store and Toilets, and a hostel block with pupils’ lockers. Others are a recitation hall with store and furniture/mats, VIP Toilets, a borehole with overhead-tank, a gate house, and external works and fencing.

Model II schools are quite larger than Model I schools and were meant to accommodate more pupils. The 18 Model II schools spread across Nigeria were built to serve a group of Qur’anic schools within their respective states. In addition to them, there are 36 others funded through the (Tertiary) Education Trust Fund. Statutory facilities in such schools are two blocks of 6 classrooms, an admin block including 5 offices, a library, toilets, a computer room, 2 laboratories and 2 workshops.

Others are a staff quarters to accommodate up to 10 members of staff, a hostel block, toilets and laundry, a recitation hall, one Mallam’s residence, a hand-pump borehole, and a motorised borehole with overhead tank. Others a VIP toilet, kitchen and dining, external works and fencing and a gate house.

Model III schools are pre-existing Islamiyyah and Ma’ahad schools supported in terms of rehabilitation and provision of additional infrastructure. Documents from the UBEC and the Federal Ministry of Education did not explicitly state details of such supports unlike they did for the two other models. One of the documents merely gave the number of Model III schools supported by the FG as 138. These are not included in the list below.

Both Model I and Model II schools were also provided with Beds and Beddings with 50 in each Model I school and 100 each in each Model II school. Other infrastructure such as classroom pupils’ furniture, teachers’ furniture were also provided in each of the school.

List of Tsangaya (Almajiri) Model Schools in Nigeria

As earlier stated, this list includes only the Tsangaya/Almajiri Model Schools built by, or supported with additional buildings by the Federal Government. There are others built by state governments, communities and individuals not stated here. You may come across those ones on your own as you transverse Nigeria. We must emphasise that not all the listed ones below were newly built by the government but there were definitely structures and facilities added to the available ones in such cases.


1 ADAMAWA Almajiri Model School, Mubi North LGA
2 ADAMAWA Almajiri Model School, Song LGA
3 ADAMAWA Abdulmalik Sani Bukar Tsangaya Almajiri School Hausari, Michika Ward I, Michika LGA
4 ADAMAWA Model Almajiri School, Mayo Balwa LGA
5 ADAMAWA Almajiri Model School Jimeta, Kofare, Yola, Yola North LGA
6 ADAMAWA Model Day Primary School, Maiha LGA
7 ADAMAWA Model Boarding Primary School, Yolde Pate, Yola South LGA
8 ADAMAWA Model Tsangaya School, Fufore LGA (UBE)
9 BAUCHI Tsangaya Magayaki Gwaram, Alkaleri LGA
10 BAUCHI Tsangaya Alaramma Gundumar Kaafin Lemu, Ningi LGA
11 BAUCHI Tsangaya Alaramma Badamasi, Unguwar Kudu, Gamawa LGA (Model 1)
12 BAUCHI Model Almajiri School, Darazo LGA (Model 2)
13 BAUCHI Model Boarding Primary School, Azare, Katagum LGA. (Boarding ETF)
14 BAUCHI Model Boarding Primary School, Buzaye, Bauchi LGA (Boarding ETF)
15 BAUCHI Sheikh Dahiru Usman Bauchi Inkil,  Gombe Road, Bauchi LGA (Model 2)
16 BAUCHI Tsangaya Alaramma Abdullahi Gaba, Ragwam, Katagum LGA
17 BAUCHI Tsangaya Malam Mato Gumau, Toro LGA
18 BORNO Mashari Goni Idris Tafizul Qur’an, Mashari Ward, Jere LGA ( Model 1)
19 BORNO Goni Suleiman Tsangaya School, Shehuri North Maiduguri, Jere LGA
20 BORNO Damboa Tsangaya Kura, Shuwari Damboa LGA
21 BORNO Model Boarding Primary School, Dikwa, Dikwa LGA (Boarding ETF)
22 BORNO Model Day Primary School, Munguno LGA (Day ETF)
23 BORNO Model Day Primary School, Gwoza, Gwoza LGA (Day ETF)
24 BORNO Ali-Shiwur Tsangaya School, Damasak Mobbar LGA (Model 1)
25 BORNO Former College of Education site Magumeri Road Axis Maiduguri, Konduga LGA
26 BORNO Gajiram Ajari Tsangaya, Ajari North Gajiram Nganzai LGA
27 TARABA Almajiri Model Education Centre, Jalingo town, Jalingo LGA
28 TARABA Model Day Primary School, Ibbi, Ibbi LGA (DAY ETF)
29 TARABA Makarantar Almajiri Mutum Biyu Town, Gossol LGA (Model 1)
30 YOBE Buniyadi Tsangaya School, Gujiba LGA. (Model 1)
31 YOBE Model Day Primary School, Gashua, Gashua LGA (DAY ETF)
32 YOBE Model Day Primary School, Geidam, Geidam LGA (DAY ETF)
33 YOBE Almajiri Model School, KL 3 Machina Road, Nguru, LGA
34 YOBE Almajiri Model School Damagum Town, Fune LGA
35 YOBE Model Almajiri School Damturu Town, Damaturu LGA
36 GOMBE Model Day Primary School, Nafada, Nafada LGA (Day ETF)
37 GOMBE Model Day Primary School, Wuro Lande, Yamaltu Deba (Day ETF)
38 GOMBE Sabon Sara Almajiri School Kwami, Kwami LGA
39 GOMBE Mal. Hamza Tsangaya Shediya, Funkaye LGA
40 GOMBE Malam Muhammadu Basakkwace, Malam Inna, Gombe, Gombe LGA
41 JIGAWA Tsangaya Alaramma Jafaru, Dangwani, Sule Tankarkar LGA (Model 1)
42 JIGAWA Muhammad Lawan Mai-inji Tsangaya, Mai Aduwa Village, Gagarawa LGA(Model 1)
43 JIGAWA Alaramma Mallam Gidan Ruwa Turabu , Kirkasama LGA (Model 1)
44 JIGAWA Model Day Tsangaya Primary School, Birniwa, Birniwa LGA (Day ETF)
45 JIGAWA Model Boarding Tsangaya Primary School, Gantsa, Buji LGA (Boarding ETF
46 JIGAWA Model Almajiri School, Gwiwa, Gwiwa LGA (Model 2)
47 JIGAWA Tsangaya School of Alaramma M. Yakubu, Zango Dan Barama Town, Jahun LGA
48 KADUNA Makarantar Mal Yusuf Labar at Igabi LGA (Model 1)
49 KADUNA Alaramma Mohammad Lawal Islamiyya School, Soba Town, Soba LGA (Model 1)
50 KADUNA Makarantar Nurul Islam Jagindi Suke, Jema,a LGA
51 KADUNA Makarantar Dan Alhaji Town, Lere LGA (Model 1)
52 KADUNA Model Boarding Tsangaya Primary School, Birnin Gwari, B/Gwari LGA
53 KADUNA Model Day Tsangaya Primary School, Jere, Kagara LGA (Day ETF)
54 KADUNA Model Almajiri School Hunkuyi, Kudan LGA (Day ETF)
55 KADUNA Almajiri School at Kubau Town Kubau LGA
56 KADUNA Izalatul Bid ah Was Iqamatus Sunnah Unguwar Sobawa (MDGs), Igabi LGA
57 KADUNA Model Tsangaya School Unguwar Sobawa (MDGs), Igabi LGA
58 KADUNA Model Tsangaya School (UBE), Igabi LGA
59 KANO Warawa Tsangaya Islamiyya Model Primary School, Warawa LGA
60 KANO Almajiri School, Kwachiri, Albasau LGA
61 KANO Kofar Kudu Almajiri Model School, Angawaran-Kwammi Tarai-saya Road, Kibiya LGA
62 KANO Model Day Tsangaya Primary School, Bichi, Bichi LGA (Day ETF)
63 KANO Model Day Tsangaya Primary School, Gaya, Gaya LGA (Day ETF)
64 KANO Model Boarding Tsangaya Primary School, Tsakuwa, Dawakin LGA (Boarding ETF)
65 KANO Hayyatudeen Islamiyya Primary School, Kofar Fada, Doguwa LGA (Model 1)
66 KANO Almajiri Model School Ganduje Town, Dawakin Tofa LGA (Model 1)
67 KANO Makarantar Malan Ibrahim Hamza Tudun Mai Zabi Garo Town, Kabo LGA (Model 1)
68 KANO Harbau Almajiri Model School, Tsanyawa LGA
69 KANO Makarantar Mal Dahiru Abdullahi Gidan Sherifai Kanwa, Madobi LGA
70 KANO Madunatul andab Qur’anic and Islamic School, Dandushe Daibah, Dala LGA
71 KATSINA Madarisatu Hadikatul Qur’an Liman Quarters, Funtua LGA (Model 1)
72 KATSINA Madrasatu Abibakarih Nissidiq Ulumul Islamiyyah Kwarawan School, Daura, Daura LGA (Model 1)
73 KATSINA Madrasatul Islamiyyah Al-Mubarakah, Sabon Gari Danmusa LGA (Model 1)
74 KATSINA Model Tsangaya Primary School, Batsari LGA (Day ETF)
75 KATSINA Model Boarding Tsangaya Primary School, Jibia LGA (Boarding ETF)
76 KATSINA Model Almajiri School Dutsin-Ma LGA. (Model 2 )
77 KATSINA Ma’ahad Uthman Bin Affan, Barhin Quarters, Along Mani Road, Batagarawu LGA
78 KATSINA Almajiri School, Mahuta, Kafar LGA
79 KATSINA Almajiri School, Kankara Town, Kankara LGA
80 KATSINA Almajiri School Babban Mutum, Baura LGA
81 KEBBI Abubakar Sadiq Model Almajiri School, Koko, Koko Besse LGA
82 KEBBI Ma’ahad Malam Rabakaya Islamiyyah, Permanent Site, Beside J. I. Umar Model Primary School, NEPA Road, GRA, Birnin Kebbi LGA (Model 1)
83 KEBBI Model Day Primary School, Gwadangwaji, Birnin Kebbi, Argungu LGA (Day ETF)
84 KEBBI Tsangaya Model Day Primary School, Argungu, Kebbi (Day ETF)
85 KEBBI Model Almajiri School, Baadariyya, Birnin Kebbi LGA (Model 2)
86 KEBBI Mallam Kwaire Qur’anic School, Dakingari, Suru LGA
87 SOKOTO Mal. Haruna T-wada Qur’anic School, Sabon Birni LGA (Model 1)
88 SOKOTO Mal. Buda Badau Qur’anic School, Bodinga LGA (Model 1)
89 SOKOTO Mal. Lawal Qur’anic School, Tambuwal LGA (Model 1)
90 SOKOTO Alh. Ibrahim Cindo Kebbe Qur’anic School, Kebbe LGA(Model 1)
91 SOKOTO Model Boarding Tsangaya Primary School, Gagi Sokoto LGA (ETF)
92 SOKOTO Model Day Primary School, Tambuwal LGA
93 SOKOTO Model Almajiri School, Tureta LGA, Sokoto (Model 2)
94 SOKOTO Limamin kalambaina Qur’anic School, Kalambaina, Wamakko LGA
95 SOKOTO Mal. Muhammad Dan Dare Kaurar Taba Dagawa, Yabo LGA
96 SOKOTO Model Tsangaya School, Plot 253 Old Airport Layout, Phase 1, Sokoto South LGA
97 ZAMFARA Madrasatu Tanbihul Islamiyya, Danmarke, Bungudu, Bungudu LGA
98 ZAMFARA Liman Dara Qur’anic School, Kanwuri, Gusau, LGA (Model 1)
99 ZAMFARA Mallam Mahe Kambarawa Qur’anic School, Kauran Namoda LGA (Model 1)
100 ZAMFARA Sheikh Balarabe Zawiyya  Qur’anic School, Gusau LGA (Model 1)
101 ZAMFARA Model Day Primary School, Gusau, Gusau LGA (Day ETF)
102 ZAMFARA Model Day Primary School, Gummi, Gummi LGA (Day ETF)
103 ZAMFARA Mallam Bashir Qur’anic School, Yelwa Area, Talata Marafa LGA (Model 2)
104 ZAMFARA Mallam Abubakar Umar Qur’anic School at Dankurmi of Dansadau Emirate, Maru LGA
105 ZAMFARA Mallam Bawa Umar School for Qur’anic and Sunah, Jangbe, Talata Mafara LGA (Model 1)
106 ZAMFARA Mallam Faruqu Naliman Qur’anic School, Maradun LGA
107 ZAMFARA Liman Habibu Qur’anic School Tsafe LGA
108 ZAMFARA Mallam Abubakar Sarkin Malammai Islamiyya School, Bakura LGA
109 BENUE Model Primary School, Katsina Ala Benue
110 KOGI Model Day Primary School, Lokoja, Kogi
111 KOGI The School of Chief Imam Imane, Olamaboro LGA, Kogi State. (Model 1)
112 KOGI The School of Chief Imam of Ankpa, Along College of Education Road, Owelle Ankpa, Ankpa LGA. (Model 1)
113 KOGI School of Chief Imam of Anyigba Behind Anyigba Central Mosque, Anyigba Town, Dekina LGA. (Model 1)
114 KOGI The School of Chief Imam Gbede, Ijumu LGA, Kogi State. (Model 1) (MDGs)
115 KWARA Mallam Abubakar Qur’anic School, Shinawu, Baruten LGA (Model 1)
116 KWARA Markaz Ta’alim Arabic Al-Islamiy, Ero-Omo, Ilorin South LGA. (Model 1)
117 KWARA Markaz Darul Hikmatil Islamiyyah, Olaoti, Ilorin East LGA. (Model 1)
118 KWARA Madrasatul Siratal Mustaqim, Patigi LGA (Model 1)
119 KWARA Tsangaya Model Day Primary School, Isale Baani, Ilorin, Kwara (Day ETF)
120 KWARA Model Day Primary School, Kaiama LGA. (Day ETF)
121 KWARA Ibrahim Islamic Centre, Tepatan, Moro LGA
122 NASARAWA Naibin Limamin Akwanga Traditional Qur’anic School, Unguwar Zaria, Akwanga LGA (Model 1)
123 NASARAWA Masallachin Imam Almajiri Model School, Unguwar Salami Awei in Awei LGA (MODEL 1)
124 NASARAWA Malam Abun Kofa Traditional Qur’anic School, Opposite Science School, Nasarawa LGA
125 NASARAWA Model Almajiri School Shabu, Lafia North LGA (Model 2)
126 NASARAWA Model Day Primary School, Laminga, Laminga LGA (Day ETF)
127 NASARAWA Model Almajiri School Toto, Toto LGA (Model 2)
128 PLATEAU Sabon Gidon Kanar Almajiri School, Jos South
129 NIGER Darul Qur’anic School, Toshon Garin Gulbin Boka, Mariga LGA (Model 1)
130 NIGER Ibadur Rahman Schools, Sheikh Abdullahi Road T-Wada, Tunga, Minna, Chanchaga LGA (Model 1)
131 NIGER Aliyu Yerima Islamic Model School, Bida, Bida LGA (Model 2)
132 NIGER Model Almajiri School Konayi in Paggo, Paikoro LGA (Model 2)
133 NIGER Model Boarding Primary School, Kontagora, Kontagora LGA (Boarding ETF)
134 NIGER Model Day Primary School, Minna, Chanchagi LGA (Day ETF)
135 NIGER Tanbilhul Islam Sheikh Jibril Memorial Nursery and Primary School, Mokwa, Jebba Road, Mokwa LGA (Model 1)
136 NIGER Madrasatul Nurul Islam, Bida Road Kpakungu, Minna Chanchangi LGA
137 FCT Model Day Primary School, Gwagwalada FCT
138 FCT Al-ilmu Nursery and Primary School Kubwa
139 LAGOS Lutful-lah Arabic Almajiri School, Orofin, Ibeju Lekki LGA, Lagos (Model 1)
140 OGUN Alasalatu College, Oke-Effon, Abeokuta North LGA (Model 1)
141 OGUN Almajiri Model School Owode town, Owode LGA, Ogun State
142 OGUN Zulihat Abiola Memorial Comprehensive High School, Osiele, Abeokuta, Odeda LGA
143 ONDO Imam Muhammad Arabic and Islamic Institute, Ikare, Akoko LGA, Ondo State. (Model 1)
144 ONDO Almajiri’s School Building, along Ijare road, Akure South LGA
145 EKITI Islamic Modern School, Esun Ikole, Ekiti, Ikole LGA (Model 1)
146 OSUN Raodatul Dirasatul Islamiyya and Arabic School, Ikirun, Ifelodun LGA (Model 1)
147 OSUN Zumratul Mumin Al-Adabiyah Qur’anic and Arabic School, Osogbo, Osogbo LGA (Model 1)
148 OSUN A-Haramain Institute of Arabic and Islamic Studies, Oke-Sunna, Ededimeji, Ede, Ede South LGA.
149 OSUN Umar Bin Khatab School for Arabic and Islamic, Olukotun Area, Oke Bode, Iwo, P.O. Box 612, Iwo, Iwo LGA.
150 OYO Markaz Nafiu Arabic Training Institute, Iseyin, Iseyin LGA (Model 1)
151 OYO College of Arabic Studies and Islamic Education Oyo Central, Atiba LGA (Model 1)
152 OYO Markaz AL- Mahmoun Study Centre, Apata, Iddo LGA (Model 1)
153 OYO Olore Islamic and Rehabilitation Center, Geeru Town, Near Ajibade, Akinyele LGA, (Model 1)
154 OYO Nasiruddeen Islamic Institute, Fofo Area, Ilesha Ibariba Road, Saki, Saki West LGA
155 RIVERS Model Almajiri School, Omerelu, Ikwere LGA (Model 2)
156 EDO Hira Comprehensive School, Iyakpi, Etsako West LGA (Model 1)
157 EDO Model Day Primary School, Auchi, Etsako West

Lauretta Onochie, Nigeria’s President Muhammadu Buhari’s aide on social media, said the former Nigerian Vice President is on UAE security watchlist.

In a post on Twitter, Ms Onochie said Security operatives in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) are keeping a close tab on Mr Atiku Abubakar who has been in the Middle East nation for several weeks now

Asking ‘What is he doing there’ Onochie suggested Atiku might be “Shopping for Terrorists”!

This comes as the federal government reportedly offered Herdsmen terrorists 100 billion naira in a bid to halt rampant kidnappings in the northern part of the country.

Watch video:

Embedded video

Olaudah Equiano®@RealOlaudah

This is very sad. This is the worst govt Nigeria has ever had. You give terrorists N100B & expect them not to get more sophisticated & procure more arms? Just because they’re your kinsmen? This will only accelerate our slide to failed state status. We’re truly cursed as a nation.


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Femi Fani-Kayode


Look at the level we have degenerated to in Nigeria under Buhari. Where are those who said the terrorist herdsmen are not Fulani?Where are those who said the shady and dangerous Miyetti Allah is innocent of any wrongdoing and has no connection with the terrorist Fulani herdsmen?


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More Atiku on UAE watchlist- Security sources.

Security operatives in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) are keeping a close tab on a former Nigerian Vice President Atiku Abubakar who has been in the Middle East country for several weeks now.

This follows a leaked report of a meeting with individuals believed to have close links to key leaders of the Islamic State’s West Africa Province (ISWAP) a group formerly known as Boko Haram which is waging a bloody insurgent warfare in Nigeria.

The leaked report seen by our correspondent referred to the meeting as “Doomsday Activate” and was strictly between the former Presidential candidate of the country’s main opposition leader, the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) and ISWAP facilitators in Abu Dhabi.

“The men who have the ears of the new ISWAP leader Abu Abdullah Idris bin Umar (a.k.a. Umar al-Barnawi) were flown in from Senegal on a private jet into the UAE last Wednesday for the meeting that began on Thursday night and ended on Friday afternoon, last week.

“This meeting was held in a hotel different from the one where the ISWAP allies were lodged,” it added.

It was against the backdrop of the meeting that security operatives began tracking the movement of the Nigeria’s former Vice President who had been in the Emirates since the February 23 Presidential election he lost to the incumbent President Muhammadu Buhari.

It is not known if the Nigerian authorities had reached out to their UAE counterparts but both countries have a number of agreements including one on tackling terrorism and illicit flow of funds signed by President Buhari and Crown Prince Zayed Al Nahyin in 2016 which the security sources say has been triggered.

A Middle East security analyst said: “Nigeria and the UAE have no fewer than 9 agreements including the Mutual Legal Assistance Treaty that have boosted bilateral relations between the countries on Buhari’s watch and are been pursued with serious interest by the two sides.

“There is a good working relationship between security operatives in the two countries which has recorded a number of success stories that can’t be revealed because of the security nature of the issues and the individuals involved.”

A UAE foreign affairs spokeswoman declined comments but SITE,a website known for tracking global terror activities confirmed in an email that security operatives have indeed placed the Nigerian politician on its watchlist.

The action by the UAE security agencies also comes at a time the Nigerian army raised the alarm about efforts by some individuals and groups to escalate the security situation in the country with a view to derailing the inauguration of the President for a second term in office on May 29 2019.

The army spokesman Colonel Sagir Musa had said “These persons and groups are making concerted efforts to further induce ISWAP/Boko Haram terrorists and bandits with funds and other logistic supports.

He had added that “their body language and unguarded utterances seems to imply tacit support for the criminals. For example, credible source has shown that some individuals are hobnobbing with Boko Haram terrorists, while others are deliberately churning falsehood against the security agencies with a view to set the military against the people and the government”.

It would be recalled that since the 2019 general election, there had been a spike in insurgent attacks in the North East region of Africa’s most populous country where ISWAP still operates on the fringe of the Lake Chad region.


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Latest Edo

The cast of Empire Empire is known for its on-screen drama (and musical numbers), but what goes on behind-the-scenes might be even more juicy than anything we see on screen — and that’s including some pretty intense sex scenes and actual murder. With Jussie Smollett’s alleged attack and subsequent arrest dominating the news surrounding the long-running show, most of us forget that Empire has always been plagued with controversy. It just arguably wasn’t anywhere near as insane as what was happening with the Lyon family.

The Fox series has seemingly run strong throughout its five seasons, as of this writing. In 2018, its premiere once again led primetime after previously seeing a 36% drop in its demographic for the previous season’s finale. Nonetheless, everything behind the cameras hasn’t always been milk and cookies (in fact, some actors might be tired of Cookie all together). From alleged meltdowns and numerous lawsuits to the bizarre ways actors cope with sex scenes, these dark secrets should have never left the Empire set.

Jussie Smollett may have staged his own hate crime

Jussie Smollett made headlines in January 2019 when he went for a 2 a.m. Subway sandwich run which ended in an alleged assault. According to the Chicago Tribune, the Empire star told Chicago police he was attacked by two men who “hit him and wrapped a noose around his neck,” and “yelled racial and homophobic slurs” along with President Donald Trump’s “MAGA” catchphrase. The incident, which served to further polarize America’s left and right, was being treated as a hate crime as celebrities and politicians rallied around in support of the star. Unfortunately, as time went on, the story began to unravel.

As police began to investigate Smollett’s attack, they identified two men, Olabinjo and Abimbola Osundairo, as persons of interest after they were captured on surveillance footage. One of the brothers was said to have served as an extra on Empire, and according to the Associated Press, the pair told police that the Empire actor paid them $3,500 to stage the attack. Smollett was then “charged with federal disorderly conduct for falsifying a police report,” which could land the actor in jail for up to three years if he’s convicted (per The Hollywood Reporter).

After Smollett’s charges came to light, the star was cut from the final two episodes of Empire. Though he maintains his innocence, as of this writing, Chicago police (via The Guardian) claimed the star staged the attack because he was unhappy with his salary.

Howard might not be as supportive of Smollett as you think

Terrence Howard initially seemed like he was standing by his scorned co-star, but there was reportedly some major tension behind the scenes following Smollett’s arrest. According to TMZ, Howard had an on-set “meltdown” after Smollett turned himself into the police. He reportedly “refused to come out of his trailer for most of the day.”

An anonymous source who spoke to TMZ claimed that Howard never believed Smollett’s story and regularly pestered the actor about the details until it was clear things weren’t adding up. When two persons of interest were detained, that was apparently a breaking point for the star, who allegedly yelled at Smollett to tell the truth. Howard was also curiously missing from the set when Smollett tearfully addressed the allegations and told his cast mates he was innocent.

Nonetheless, Howard did publicly show support for Smollett. In an Instagram post, the star wrote, “All your lil homies got you… We love the hell outta you,” but is he secretly seething behind the mask of social media?

Jussie Smollett Jussie Smollett’s controversy thrust him into the spotlight, but it turns out he might have actually been struggling with his fame from the jump. In a June 2018 Billboard feature, the Empire star spoke candidly about mental health. It was just six months before the actor was arrested for what might turn out to be the biggest celebrity hoax of 2019. He claimed he was nearing his breaking point.

“I know the way I stay mentally healthy is by admitting things. I admit that I’m jealous, I admit that I’m insecure, and that I’m not good at certain things. I’m getting better at it,” he said. “I wish I had something really deep to say, but I’m in my 30s, and I’m trying my best to learn that I can’t bend anymore. I’m about to break.”


Empire cast

According to THR, Smollett tweeted “depression is a real thing, y’all” in late January, which served to eerily foreshadow the news that would soon surround the star. Three days later, a threatening, racist, and white powder-filled letter that allegedly triggered Smollett’s downward spiral was delivered to him on-set. According to CBS Chicago, he may actually have crafted the note and sent it to himself — then staged his own attack when it didn’t get a “big enough” reaction, though those close him are struggling to reckon with the possibility.

Terrence Howard and Jussie Smollett

Terrence Howard’s nasty history of domestic abuse

Right before season two of Empire aired in 2015, news of Terrence Howard’s nasty split from second wife Michelle Ghent painted a terrifying picture of domestic abuse. According to People, the pair was riddled with “accusations of ‘crazy behavior'” — including drug use and suicide threats — from both sides, and the text messages used as evidence were horrific.

“Every minute of every day I feel like putting an end to this miserable existence … every lie I’ve told to you are equal in my mind to putting bullets into a clip and firing them at my future,” Howard texted Ghent 2009 (via People). “I couldn’t do anything but sit there [looking] at a f—ing razor blade … I just wanted to die,” read an email from Howard.

Ghent used numerous text messages to describe Howard as “dangerously possessive.” In a phone call used as evidence, she called him “scary,” but Howard painted a different picture. He claimed his wife was “continually attacking” him and he was “afraid of her.”

This wasn’t the first time Howard was accused of domestic abuse. In 2013, Howard’s ex girlfriend told the New York Daily News that the star “choked and punched” her. Howard also admitted to slapping his first wife in front of his children in 2001 (though the police report said it was two “closed fist” punches). As of this writing, Howard is engaged (for a second time) to his ex-wife Mira Pak.

Let’s talk about sex … scenes on Empire

Jussie Smollett and Eka Darville

Anyone who’s ever seen Empire can’t deny that the sex scenes are hot. Jussie Smollett even once described himself as a “dressed porn star,” but we’re not the only ones getting hot and bothered watching the cast go at it. According to Taraji P. Henson, who portrays Cookie Lyon in the series, Howard sometimes has an issue keeping his private area in check. In order to stave off the sexy vibes and keep his arousal to a minimum, the star utilized a series of steps including keeping his clothes on and threatening to beat up his member.Taraji P. Henson and Terrence Howard

In an interview with Angie Martinez (via E! News), Henson reported that in worst case scenarios, the only way Howard can keep it cool is if she pretends to be a little girl. Pretty creepy, but they’re professionals, right?

“Every time he would get on top of me, I would be [in a little girl’s voice], ‘Daddy, why are you on top of me? Where’s mommy? Why is the door closed?’ He would be like, ‘Oh no!’ But it worked,” she said. “I would be like, ‘Why are you touching me, Daddy?’ And he was like, ‘Aw, no, that is twisted.’ But guess what? We got through the scene real quick.”

Apologies to everyone attempting to read this over lunch.

Some of Smollett’s sex scenes are with straight actors

As an openly gay person of color, Jussie Smollett landing the role of Jamal Lyon on the hit Fox series was groundbreaking. Unfortunately, the stars who played his love interests weren’t always part of the LGBTQ community. In 2019, can we please just hire gay men to play gay men?

Smollett shared the deets about getting down and dirty on-screen with Logo’s Newnownext. Apparently, he doesn’t look forward to filming the sex scenes, though he managed to foster a close friendship Rafael de la Fuente, who played his on-screen boyfriend, Michael. De la Fuente doesn’t seem to discuss his sexual orientation in the press, so we can’t judge there, but when it comes to Smollett’s other onscreen love interest, things get a little stranger. Smollett claimed that Eka Darville, who portrays Ryan Morgan, sometimes had his wife and baby on-set while filming (which seems kind of awkward if you’re trying to be sexy with someone else); however, Smollett did try his best to make sure that Darville was comfortable.

“In those moments you talk to your partner in the scene,” he told Newnownext. “You make sure that they’re comfortable. You make sure that you’re comfortable. I did go to Eka and I was like ‘Alright, bruh, how comfortable are you? Because for this [sex] scene I’m going to go b***s to the wall. But I just want to make sure that you are comfortable.”

A secret wedding for Grace Gealey and Trai Byers

Workplace love is always scandalous, whether you’re working in an office and living out a real-life version of Jim and Pam or you’re a Hollywood celeb getting steamy with a co-star. No one knows this better than Grace Gealey and Trai Byers, who play Anika Calhoun and Andre Lyon, respectively.

In a 2015 episode of FABLife (via People), the notoriously private Gealey admitted things smoldered on set, but only because it was the real deal. Anything else wouldn’t be worth the risk. Seriously, who wants to end up like Blake Lively and Penn Badgley, still locking lips on the set of Gossip Girl long after their romance fizzled out?

“I think that if you do get involved at your workplace, you have to know that this is something that you want to be invested in, and this is just not just something that is frivolous and fleeting,” she said.

According to the New York Daily News, the co-stars first met on the set of Empire and only dated a few months before Byers proposed. During Season 2, they tied the knot in a secret island ceremony, and TMZ reported their co-stars didn’t make the guest list (which means things must have been crazy awkward the next day at work).

The real reason Henson almost walked away from Cookie

Henson wouldn’t take a bite out of Cookie without Terrence Howard. The former Hustle & Flow stars have some deep ties, and Henson refused to take on her Empire role without him — she just had to make sure she actually won the audition first.

During a 2015 Winter TCA Press Tour (via E! News), Empire co-creator, executive producer and director Lee Daniels revealed that he was originally hoping to cast Wesley Snipes as hip hop mogul Lucious Lyons, but Henson had other plans. The actress, who hadn’t yet landed the role, was adamant about taking on the series with her former co-star.

“I was like, ‘You ain’t got the job yet.’ And then, I was like, ‘Danny [Strong, series co-creator], that’s Cookie,'” Daniels said. Henson reportedly told the director, “I think Cookie is amazing. I would love to play her. If you can get Terrence, I’m all about it. If not, good luck with the project!”

Daniels had worked with Howard in the past, but didn’t think the star would actually sign on for a TV project. Howard even admitted he was “scared to death” after reading the script (to be fair, it was for the episode where Lucious shoves his 5-year-old into a garbage can for wearing high heels). Ultimately, the star took the role because of his experience with Henson on Hustle & Flow. She’s waiting on her manager’s commission right about now.Naomi Campbell

Naomi Campbell didn’t want the part

Getty Images Naomi Campbell is just about as famous as a model can be. According to Vogue, the superstar became one of the first British women of color to star in a Burberry campaign. After more than 30 years in the industry, she’s slowly strutted away from the runway and transitioned into a life on the small screen. These days, she’s more apt to throw some killer lines at her co-stars than a cellphone, but she almost turned down her Empire role, which seemingly kick-started her larger return to TV.

“I’ve known Lee for a long time but when he asked me to play the role, I wasn’t sure,” she told Vogue. “I’d kind of given up on acting.”

Campbell, who starred as the tough-as-nails fashionista Camilla Marks, hadn’t acted since a 2011 Duran Duran music video. She ended up turning to her pal Diane von Furstenberg to help make the final call, and the patron saint of wrap dresses told her to give acting one more shot. Not only did she nail the part of Hakeem Lyon’s older girlfriend, but she picked out her entire season one wardrobe herself.

Is Nia Long a nightmare?

Getty Images Children of the ’90s might remember Nia Long from Boyz n the Hood and The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air, but the star took Empire by storm in 2017. She might have even left some actual wreckage behind when she finished her eight episode run with the show and moved onto NCIS: Los Angeles.

According to TMZ, Long was a “nightmare” on Empire’s set. The star was allegedly so “disrespectful and unprofessional” that the hair and makeup team filed an official complaint. She was reportedly “habitually late” leaving co-stars Terrence Howard and Taraji P. Henson waiting on set for a half an hour (if she even showed up at all), and producers allegedly had to provide stand-ins just so the Hustle & Flow co-stars could rehearse.

Beyond that, Long reportedly had major beef with Henson. TMZ claimed the pair were “at each other’s throats” to the point that they almost had to shoot their scenes separately. At one point, they allegedly “stopped speaking to each other,” which made it “impossible” to film together. Long also reportedly threatened to sue the series over an improper goodbye. Of course, her rep denied all the claims. Long later told TMZ that she thinks Henson is an “amazing actress” and there’s no truth to the lawsuit at all.

Cookie might be contemplating her exit

It’s unclear what Empire will look like without Jussie Smollett, but Taraji P. Henson might end up being the next star to go, and what kind of show would it be without Cookie? In an interview with Variety, the star admitted that playing her character was positively exhausting and she’s eventually going to lose her passion.

“I could not do this forever. No. Cookie wears me out!” she said. “She drains me. She is emotionally all over the place. Those writers, they just keep pushing my emotions with every episode. By the 18th episode [of each season], I’m dead. I got to get far away. I don’t wear animal print. I cut my hair into a bob. I don’t wear a weave because I’ve got to get as far away from Cookie as possible.”

Henson also wanted to take a page out of Sex and the City or Seinfeld’s book: end the show before the network ends you. It’s always a bummer when a show outlives its positive ratings and winds up on the chopping block. Instead, she told Variety that she hoped “to go out on a high. You want to be remembered as the number one show on the network.” Unfortunately, it’s looking like the show might be forever tied to Smollett’s scandal, which means it could be time for the star to bow out.

Long live the lawsuits

With success comes lawsuits, and Empire has been plagued with them. Most notably, the Fox series was accused of stealing the life story of Detroit resident Sophia Eggleston and self-described “known ghetto player,” Ron Newt.

According to Page Six, Eggleston sued Fox for $300 million because she believed Cookie was based on her life. Much like the Empire mainstay, Eggleston claimed to be a fur coat-loving drug kingpin who has “a gay family member.” She reportedly spent time behind bars for manslaughter after ordering a hit (the opposite of Cookie who placed a hit after her time in prison). Worse yet (beyond contract murder, obviously), the woman claimed to have met with a screenwriter who shopped her memoir to Daniels prior to the show. Eggleston’s claim was convincing enough that a judge refused to throw it out in 2016, however the case was ultimately dismissed in Fox’s favor in 2017.

Newt also alleged that Empire was inspired by his life as a “gangster, pimp and drug dealer,” according to TMZ. The filmmaker claimed to have given Howard a copy of his screenplay All That Glitters, his memoir Bigger Than Big, and a DVD documentary about his life, according to Deadline. Newt claimed Howard “wanted to play him in the film,” but of course, ended up on Empire. To be fair, Newt also claimed to have signed deals with MCA, Michael Jackson’s family and Death Row Records. A judge threw out the lawsuit in 2016.

Read More: https://www.nickiswift.com/57673/dark-secrets-cast-empire-tried-hide/?utm_campaign=clip

electricity lines

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It’s been two days without power in Apo Resettlement Abuja. Everything going bad in the fridge, the heat? another matter and when we have power, the voltage is bad, we use stabilizer for everything.

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gregory oziegbe @uwa147 Replying to @tweeterests and 11 others Please seem we are not part of Nigeria again because for the past 3weeks No light not even a flash

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STANLEY EKUNDAYO @soloawo Festac Town 722 Road. Maximum 6 hours a day some days NO power at all.

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cute_ty @MyInfo84546927 Replying to @Paul52449934 @tweeterests Akute, Ogun State. 8am-1pm, then 8pm -12midnight. We have to spend the whole night fanning ourselves because of the heat..

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babalola james @babalola1james Replying to @tweeterests and 11 others Here in Lagos at Abule egba we 3hrs a day very poor in this hot weather.

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James Okwoche @JamesOkwoche Replying to @tweeterests and 11 others On the average less than an hour a day in some area here in Umuahia.

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James Okwoche @JamesOkwoche On the average less than an hour a day in some area here in Umuahia.

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Edosa Sunday @edosaaighobahi Replying to @tweeterests and 11 others Here in Ojo Isashi, we have just 4hrs power supply a day, most times blackout and at the end of the month we pay bill of 15,000 naira What we consume is not even up to 1000 naira monthly. But we pay heavily for nothing. This country is a joke.

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Sanusi Altine ?? @sokotocaliphate Very erratic power supply in sokoto, in many areas the power supply is less than 4 hours of light, in every 24 hours

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John Okunyomih @jon_steady Hi. Here @ Igbo road, by Police station junction, New Karu, Nasarawa. As a young entrepreneur, operating a standard Barbing Salon. We run on Gen for 2days on stretch at times befor they’ll give us low current of 3hr or less. I currently have 2 Peers of 2.5Kva Gen. Help us Please.

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Toyeeb @AQToyyib Replying to @tweeterests and 11 others It’s hard to measure because days pass without power supply here in Malete, Kwara State.I can only measure in a week,we don’t usually have more than 12 hours

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mike blise @blise29 I was in nnewi anambra state the have power up to 18 hours or more in a day

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Tina Francis Ogiator @akperomo I enjoy minimum of 22 hours of light everyday in my area near Turkish university Abuja

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Aigbovbiosa Moses Osarenakhue @AOsarenakhue I am from Edo State, Benin City. My village in ovia, we have 24 hours power supply but in egor Benin City, we don’t see 2 hours

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nasir niyi abdulaziz @nash1_pixels We have an average of 20 hours a day in my area in abuja

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Ajibayo Adebayo @Jibayo We have light for about 7hours daily though at night. The power sector seriously needs improvement #LetThereBeLight @tundefashola @toluogunlesi

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mike blise @blise29 Replying to @tweeterests and 11 others In owerri they share it, two days on, one the off and is up to 20 hours… I witnessed it live

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Ecca Brown @BrownEcca Replying to @tweeterests and 11 others Up to 20hours a day on average, but its 6 days a week. Akai EFA,Calabar,Cross River State.

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Dabibi Lasbury @lasbury123 Parts of Port Harcourt enjoy varying supply time of between about 15 to 23 hours. New GRA is about 15 hours, Woji is about 22 hours, ogbunabali about 20 hours, some say they don’t receive upto 4 hours (wonder which part of PH). But Oru West LGA in Imo state, no light for 4 years

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